Welcome to Voetberg Music Academy



Meet the Voetberg Family.

Powered by two national fiddle champions, a west coast flat-picking champion and 10 state fiddle championships, The Voetberg Family Band is made up of 8 siblings ranging in ages 15 to 26.

As classically trained musicians, each band member displays unique versatility while remaining technically sound. The Voetberg Family Band performs Irish, Scottish, American, Swing, Jazz and Classical music and have been coached by several world class musicians – including Grammy winners Floyd Domino and Chris Booher.

For over 20 years, our family has bonded over playing music together. And in 2016, after over 800 live performances and over decade of teaching private music lessons, we decided to create an online music academy to pass on the gifts of music so many have poured into us.


Growing up, our parents spent hundreds (sometimes thousands) of dollars in music lessons each month. And at $30 for ONE half hour lesson, many families cannot afford our in-person lessons either. Voetberg Music Academy was born out of our desire for all families to be able to learn, play, and enjoy music together.


We believe you learn the most when you're having fun. And what's more fun that playing real-life songs your first week? Here at Voetberg Music Academy, each lesson is song-based, so right away you can see your progress.
Along the way, we sneak in technique, theory, and music essentials so subtly you hardly know you're learning the mechanics of how music is made!


Our #1 goal is to teach you music you can apply to whatever goal you have. Are you a mom hoping to accompany your children on the piano? Are you in middle school looking to jam with some friends? Do you want to lead worship? Write your own music? Start a family band? Record your first album? The way we teach music, you are not limited by sheet music, style, or genre. If you hear a song, you can play it.


"I bought your piano course this morning! I have already done both lessons and am playing these songs. I am blown away! I didn't know anything but where middle C was this morning! I cried showing my husband because I was so happy!!! I can't wait until more lessons come!"

- Karen S.